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  • v1 Overview (deprecated)
  • Variants API

    A variant is a variation of a route, distinguished by its intermediate destination points.

    Valid URL Parameters

    name Matches variants with the given name.
    stop Only return variants which service the stop identified by the given stop number.
    stops A comma-delimited list of stop numbers. Don't include this if stop has been specified.


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    • variants/17-1-G
    • variants/16-1-K?usage=long
    • variants/1
    • variants/invalid


    • variants?stop=10064
    • variants?stops=10064,10065
    • variants?name=osbo
    • variants?stop=10064&stops=10065,10066


    • variants:16
    • variants:16-1
    • variants:16-1-K
    • variants:osb
    • variants:

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    Noteworthy Results

    key A unique identifier for this variant.
    name The variant name. See the usage parameter for formatting options.
    destinations An xlink to the destinations service for this variant.