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  • Routes API

    A route is a named and numbered pattern of service that covers a certain geographic area with a consistent method of service delivery.

    New for April 12, 2020

    BLUE route in effect

    Beginning on April 12, 2020, a new route, BLUE, will be starting service.

    A few notes about the data you'll see for BLUE:

    • The key and number attributes will be "BLUE".
    • The name attribute will be blank.
    • The badge-label attribute will be "B".

    Route badge labels and styles

    We will now be providing additional branding information for routes:

    Route badge labels will be provided for route results in the badge-label attribute. Badge labels are shorthand versions of route numbers, for cases where the route number exceeds 3 characters. For route numbers 3 characters or less, the badge label will generally be the same as the route number.

    Route badge styles will be provided for route results nested under the badge-style property. This includes CSS colour codes for styling route badge labels - font colour, background colour, and border colour.

    Additionally, a new routes stylesheet provides styling for route badge elements. CSS class names are returned in each route query result that will correspond with styles defined in this stylesheet.

    Valid URL Parameters

    stop Only return routes passing through this stop


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    • routes/16
    • routes/18
    • routes/faux-route


    • routes
    • routes?stop=10066


    • routes:16
    • routes:

    Explore the API

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    Noteworthy Results

    key A unique identifier for this route.
    number The route "number", e.g., 16, 55, BLUE.
    name The route name, which may be blank. See the usage parameter for formatting options.
    customer-type The type of service provided by this route. Will be one of 'regular', 'industrial', 'school', 'charter' or 'work'.
    coverage Categorization of how fully a route services stops along it's segments. Can be one of 'regular' (services all stops), 'express' (services select stops in express segments) and 'super express' (services no stops in express segments).
    badge-label A shorthand version of the route number, in cases where the route number exceeds 3 characters.
    badge-style The unique styling for this routes badge element. Contains class names and individual style properties. The style properties are 'background-color', 'border-color' and 'color'.
    variants A route has many variants, but the only information included with the variants are their keys. xlink:href attributes point to the service which can be called for more info.