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  • v1 Overview (deprecated)
  • Trip Planner API

    Uses the Navigo engine to plan optimal trips from an origin to a destination. Origins and destinations are encoded strings representing a location or point.

    Valid URL Parameters

    origin The origin. See above for formatting rules.
    destination The destination. See above for formatting rules.
    date The date for which to get navigo results in YYYY-mm-dd format. Defaults to today.
    time The time in HH:MM or HH:MM:SS format. Defaults to now.
    • depart-before: Depart before the given time.
    • depart-after: Depart after the given time.
    • arrive-before: Arrive before the given time.
    • arrive-after: Arrive after the given time.
    walk-speed Walking speed in km/h. Can be a float.
    max-walk-time The maximum number of minutes to spend walking.
    min-transfer-wait The minimum number of minutes to spend waiting for a transfer.
    max-transfer-wait The maximum number of minutes to spend waiting for a transfer.
    max-transfers The maximum number of total transfers.


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    • trip-planner/home


    • trip-planner?origin=addresses/136590&destination=intersections/123172:378@954
    • trip-planner?origin=addresses/136589&destination=monuments/3911&date=2024-06-24&time=17:00&mode=arrive-before
    • trip-planner?origin=utm/633861,5525798&destination=addresses/26045&walk-speed=5.3
    • trip-planner
    • trip-planner?origin=locations/124&destination=addresses:321


    • trip-planner:
    • trip-planner:home

    Explore the API

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    Noteworthy Results

    plan Each plan describes a different trip or path which can be used to get from the origin to the destination.
    segments A plan has one or more segments, each which describes a disparate part of the trip (eg. walk, ride, transfer, ride, walk).
    segment/@type What type of segment it is (ie. walk, ride, or transfer)
    segment/route A ride segment contains route information. See the Route service for more details.
    segment/variant A ride segment contains variant information. See the Variants service for more details.
    segment/from|segment/to Walk and transfer segments contain information which describes the start point and end point of the segment.
    from/origin|to/destination These elements indicate that the walk path starts at the origin of the trip, or ends at the destination. They contain location elements (see the Locations service for more details), or point elements which define a geographical point.
    (from|to)/stop These elements indicate that the walk or transfer segment begins or ends at a stop. Only includes basic stop information. xlink:href attributes point to the service which can be called for more info.
    (plan|segment)/times Contains start and end times of the plan or segment, including the total duration in minutes. Riding, walking, and waiting totals are also included where appropriate.
    segment/bus For ride segments, information about the bus servicing this segment. Typically present in plans for today but omitted for past and future dates.
    segment/bus/key A unique identifier for this bus servicing this segment.
    segment/bus/bike-rack Boolean field describing whether or not the bus has a bike rack.
    segment/bus/wifi Boolean field describing whether or not the bus has wifi.