You are viewing information on version v1 of the Winnipeg Transit Open Data Web Service API. This version has been deprecated.

API (v1)

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Other versions

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  • Stop Schedules API

    Returns the schedule information for the requested stop.

    Valid URL Parameters

    start The start time in YYYY-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS or HH:MM:SS format. Defaults to now.
    end The end time in YYYY-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS or HH:MM:SS format. Defaults to two hours after the start time.
    route The route or (comma-delimited) routes to display. By default, all will be returned.
    max-results-per-route The maximum number of scheduled stop times returned for each route stoping at this stop.


    Login to see sample results.


    • stops/10064/schedule
    • stops/10171/schedule?start=2024-07-30T10:21:26&route=16
    • stops/10066/schedule?start=2024-07-26T21:00:00
    • stops/10185/schedule?route=18,60
    • stops/10185/schedule?max-results-per-route=2
    • stops/10185/schedule?start=2024-07-23T23:00:00&end=02:00:00
    • stops/10185/schedule?start=2024-07-23T23:00:00&end=2024-07-24T02:00:00
    • stops/50597/schedule?start=06:00:00&end=07:15:00
    • stops/10064/schedule?end=yesterday
    • stops/10064/schedule?start=2024-07-23T15:00:00&end=2024-07-23T09:00:00
    • stops/no-stop/schedule

    Explore the API

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    Noteworthy Results

    stop The stop which the schedule information is for. See the Stops service for more details.
    route-schedules A route schedule is returned for each route which services the stop.
    route-schedule/route Basic route information. xlink:href attributes point to the service which can be called for more info.
    route-schedule/scheduled-stops Each route-schedule contains a list of scheduled-stops, which contain information about when a bus on the given route will pass by the stop.
    scheduled-stop/key A unique identifier for this scheduled-stop.
    scheduled-stop/times/arrival/scheduled The time that the bus is scheduled to arrive at the stop.
    scheduled-stop/times/arrival/estimated The current estimated arrival time of the bus at the stop.
    scheduled-stop/times/departure/scheduled The time that the bus is scheduled to leave the stop.
    scheduled-stop/times/departure/estimated The current estimated time that the bus will leave the stop.
    scheduled-stop/variant The variant of the route which the passing bus belongs to. See the Variants service for more details.
    scheduled-stop/bus Information about the passing bus.
    bus/bike-rack Boolean field describing whether or not the bus has a bike rack.
    bus/easy-access Boolean field describing whether or not the bus is easy access.