You are viewing information on version v2 of the Winnipeg Transit Open Data Web Service API.

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Service Advisories API

Shows any service advisories currently in effect at Transit.

Valid URL Parameters

priority Only shows service advisories of this priority or higher (where 1 is high, and 5 is low).
category Only shows service advisories of this category.
  • all: Show global advisories only (ie. ones which affect all services).
  • handi-transit: Show advisories which affect Handi-Transit services, including global advisories.
  • transit: Show advisories which affect Transit services, including global advisories.
max-age Only show advisories created or updated in the last N days.
limit Only show the top N service advisories -- no more than the given limit.

Noteworthy Results

priority A numerical indicator of how urgent the advisory is. The lower the number, the more urgent it is.
title A title ascribed to the advisory.
body The content of the advisory.
category Service advisories belong to a category: transit, or handi-transit. Advisories with the category "all" apply to both.
updated-at Timestamp of when the advisory was last updated.


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  • service-advisories/96
  • service-advisories/NaN


  • service-advisories
  • service-advisories?priority=2
  • service-advisories?category=handi-transit&limit=3
  • service-advisories?max-age=30


  • service-advisories:go