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Stop Schedules API

Returns the schedule information for the requested stop.

Valid URL Parameters

start The start time in YYYY-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS or HH:MM:SS format. Defaults to now.
end The end time in YYYY-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS or HH:MM:SS format. Defaults to two hours after the start time.
route The route or (comma-delimited) routes to display. By default, all will be returned.
max-results-per-route The maximum number of scheduled stop times returned for each route stoping at this stop.

Noteworthy Results

stop The stop which the schedule information is for. See the Stops service for more details.
route-schedules A route schedule is returned for each route which services the stop.
route-schedule/route Basic route information. xlink:href attributes point to the service which can be called for more info.
route-schedule/scheduled-stops Each route-schedule contains a list of scheduled-stops, which contain information about when a bus on the given route will pass by the stop.
scheduled-stop/key A unique identifier for this scheduled-stop.
scheduled-stop/times/arrival/scheduled The time that the bus is scheduled to arrive at the stop.
scheduled-stop/times/arrival/estimated The current estimated arrival time of the bus at the stop.
scheduled-stop/times/departure/scheduled The time that the bus is scheduled to leave the stop.
scheduled-stop/times/departure/estimated The current estimated time that the bus will leave the stop.
scheduled-stop/variant The variant of the route which the passing bus belongs to. See the Variants service for more details.
scheduled-stop/bus Information about the passing bus.
bus/bike-rack Boolean field describing whether or not the bus has a bike rack.
bus/easy-access Boolean field describing whether or not the bus is easy access.


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  • stops/10064/schedule
  • stops/10171/schedule?start=2017-12-24T22:53:20&route=16
  • stops/10066/schedule?start=2017-12-20T21:00:00
  • stops/10185/schedule?route=18,60
  • stops/10185/schedule?max-results-per-route=2
  • stops/10185/schedule?start=2017-12-17T23:00:00&end=02:00:00
  • stops/10185/schedule?start=2017-12-17T23:00:00&end=2017-12-18T02:00:00
  • stops/50597/schedule?start=06:00:00&end=07:15:00
  • stops/10064/schedule?end=yesterday
  • stops/10064/schedule?start=2017-12-17T15:00:00&end=2017-12-17T09:00:00
  • stops/no-stop/schedule